Selling a home can be expensive when you factor in additional fees, starting with the expense of preparing
the home to be listed, to realtor or broker commissions, to the final closing costs that you will need to pay.
Homeowners often choose to list their home with a realtor or broker, but another option is selling their home to an investor.

The benefits of selling to an an investor include:
• No closing costs
• No realtor commissions
• No broker fees
• No real estate agent fees
• No loan approvals
• Guaranteed closings
• “As-is” home sales in any condition
• Quick payments (two weeks to thirty days, on average)
• No home repair requirements
• No home cleaning requirements
• No inconvenient home showings
• Top dollar paid
• Leave anything behind
• Investor handles all paperwork

This author recommends selling your home to a real estate investor such as The investor will close on your home quickly without the need for cleanup, repairs, or any other out-of-pocket need for cleanup, repairs, or any other out-of-pocket seller expenses.

Remember, when working with a real estate investor rather than a real estate agent or broker, there are many advantages such as a guaranteed closing, no approval process needed, no out-of-pocket expenses, the ability to sell for top dollar, quick closings, time and money saved, and no paperwork.

For more information or for a no obligation, sell-yourhome consultation, visit or call today for a free offer (727-440-3210) for the No Closing Costs, No Commissions, No Fees, Sell Your Home program.

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