If you don’t want the hassle of searching for a reliable real estate agent or broker and it’s all beginning to feel like it’s too much pressure and stress calculating the real estate broker fees you will experience when selling your home, there are some other alternatives to consider which just may put some extra dollars in your pocket.

Afterall, when considering selling your home in a traditional manner, you have to factor in the expense of doing so. Selling a house today is not cheap.

Let’s first look at the average real estate broker fees you will need to prepare yourself for when selling your home. All of these factors need to be reflected upon afterall these fees come out of your profits. The average real estate commission fee paid to an agent or a broker is about 3%-6% which may also equate to 3% to the selling agent and 3% to the buying agent not to mention the fees for the agents broker which may be 1-1.5% on the average.

Understanding your fees associated with selling your home through a traditional realtor may not be the right move for you at this time. If so, you may wish to consider whether or not you can just sell the home yourself.

This author suggests looking into private companies like https://youreasysell.com/ where a private real estate investor will simply purchase your home as is without the frustrations of inspections requiring the potential for you to address certain costly items required by the lender for the potential buyer that may need to be addressed and fixed before you can sell your home traditionally to a buyer looking for a traditional mortgage.

Private investors may buy your home in any condition. It is so easy to close through a private cash investor that you may not even need to clean the home to be sold. Simply sell “as is”.

The unconventional way to sell a home today for 2022 may just be the answer you need to sell fast and put more dollars in your pocket.

Conventional real estate sales will typically include some of the following:

Selling your home to a private investor may be the win-win situation you have been looking for. No more showings, no more utility bills, no more mortgage payments while trying to sell your home which in turn eats away every month into your profits along with the additional fees and repairs that may occur during your traditional house sale process.

This author recommends consider selling your home to a real estate investor like https://youreasysell.com/ . The investor will most likely look to sell and close your home fast without the need for cleanup, repairs and or any out of pocket expense to the seller. 

Remember, when working with a real estate investor verses a real estate agent or real estate broker, there are many advantages to recapitulate such as a guaranteed closing, no approval process, no out of pocket expenses, sell your home for top dollar fast, fast closings, time and money saved, no paperwork and the list goes on and on.

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