It is crucially important, as well as often unknown and unexpected, for may selling homeowners to realize that selling your home will probably cost more than you initially thought.  Selling a home causes the home seller to be responsible for commission fees, potential repair costs, staging, curb appeal expenses, transfer taxes and more.  This article hopes to ease stress for every individual seeking to sell their home with basic information and potential monetary savings regarding real estate closing costs.

What Are Real Estate Closing Costs?

Simply stated, closing is the final stage of the home buying process and the consummation of the sale for both the buyer and the seller. At this point, all documents are signed and mortgage funds are released, finalizing the transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer.

At closing, both the seller and the buyer will be responsible for an array of closing costs and fees.  As the home seller, your closing cost fees will mostly relate to real estate commissions and the transferring of the deed to your home while the buyer will mainly cover closing costs associated with their mortgage.

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